Pvc Profile Machining andCutting Center

Sirius D550 All sawing, milling, drilling and marking operations on PVC profiles are gathered in one machine controlled by a computer.

Control Panel

-Automatic cutting in all angles between 30° and 150° with accuracy of 0,1° by means of servo motors
-Stacking of 10 profiles (max 7 m length)
-Industrial PC with Windows XP embedded which works between 0°C – 55°C without fan
-Data transfer is available via network and connection or USB interface
– Thanks to its easy-to-use and flexible operating system, all works in harmony with chopping and optimization programs.
– There is a working algorithm in accordance with the principle of minimum waste and maximum production.
– Waste can be automatically optimized and evaluated within the cut lists sent.
– Parameters can be adjusted easily.
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Profile Entry Unit

– 10 Profiles can be loaded on the input conveyor.
– Profile loading capacity can be increased optionally.
– Profile transport and positioning, automatic profile recognition feature.
– Minimum 900 mm., Maximum 7000 mm. It measures the profile length automatically. (There is an infinite length processing option)
– There is a warning system that prevents the wrong profile.
-Ability to back-up daily data on internal storage unit
-Central lubrication system to ease the machine maintenance
-Problem identification, solution and servicing by means of remote connections
-Ability to notify the user against incorrect loaded profile thanks to profile recognition system

Pvc Profile Machining and Cutting Center
Pvc Profile Machining and
Cutting Center