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Aluminium Facade Notching Machine

TW 200

Aluminium Facade Notching Machine

Aluminium Facade Notching Machine

Intel Makina’s TW 200 Saw Notching Machine is designed and constructed for variable notching
possibilities on the sash, frame, mullion and transom profile combinations for curtain-walls, winter gardens,
skylights, and special design processing with the special angles at the profile and surface. The workpiece
remains fixed on the working table and only the hydro-pneumatic sawing unit having 2 saw blades slides on
the linear guides automatically to perform the notching operation.




  • 1x saw unit lower (vertical) with Ø 550 mm dia. and 1 x saw unit upper (horizontal) with Ø 500 mm dia.
  • Semi-Automatic sawing unit with adjustable feeding speed by hydro-check cylinder
  • Angle adjustment of the sawing units and miter adjustment of the profile by hand wheel with digital displays
  • Height adjustment of the profile support table by hand wheel with band ruler
  • Depth stop adjustment by hand wheel by numerical mechanical display
  • 4x pneumatic clamps that allow the profile to be credibly attached at any angle
  • Cast iron and steel construction of the body that is strong and lasting.
  • Pneumatically operated safety cover
  • Two-hand safety module
  • Very easy saw wear adjustment


  • Lazer marker indicating the vertical line of the profile
  • Profile support arm IS1000
  • Spare saw blade, Ø 500 mm

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