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Double Head Cutting Machine 600 mm Servo Angled

Double Head Cutting Machine  600 mm Servo Angled

Intel Makina’s two-head cutting machines are the only machines in this regard due to their durability and reliability features. It is ideal for cutting aluminum and PVC billets of different thicknesses and angles.These latest generation machines make a significant contribution to the production line phases thanks to their extremely clear and easy use in the cutting process.
It is an automatic double-head cutting machine with right head movement thanks to the servo motor. Equipped with barcode printer to easily identify and match orders with production.


CKF 600-S is a fully automatic machine designed to cut large size PVC and aluminum profiles, straight or angled with a double head Ø 600 mm saw


Two-hand operation safety Cutting between 45° inwards and 22.5° outwards
Hydro-pneumatically controlled saw movement Cutting accuracy +/- 0.2 mm 2 x pneumatic profile support
Windows based industrial PC and 15’’ touch color panel display Cut list transfer in ‘mdb’ and ‘csv’
format via USB memory and network
Possibility of remote connection and technical support
Automatic slicing feature
Angle settings of the cutting heads are by servo control system
Position adjustment of the moving head is by servo
control system


The industrial label printer allows to recognize each cut profile according to its characteristics found in the cutting list.

In addition, writing code on them makes it extremely convenient to easily find the order ID of each profile and especially for subsequent transactions.


Pneumatic intermediate support turns out to be extremely useful when a light and longer than normal profile is to be cut.

In such a situation, pneumatic support automatically creates the ideal situation required to hold the profile.

  • Machine with the length of 7 m
  • Vacuum chip extraction system
  • Chip conveyor belt

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