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Double Head Cutting Machine 550 mm

Double Head Cutting Machine 550 mm

High precision cutting of PVC and Aluminium profiles

Intel Makina’s two-head cutting machines are the only machines in this regard due to their durability and reliability features. It is ideal for cutting aluminum and PVC billets of different thicknesses and angles. These latest generation machines make a significant contribution to the production line phases thanks to their extremely clear and easy use in the cutting process.
It is an automatic double-head cutting machine with right head movement thanks to the servo motor. Equipped with barcode printer to easily identify and match orders with production.



  • PVC and aluminum profile cutting
  • Strong construction for length and angle precision
  • Precise cutting quality
  • The saw heads automatically rotate to 45° and 90°
  • Saw diameter of 550 mm.
  • Adjustable saw feed speed
  • Maximum 4,400 mm. Profile cutting feature
  • The profile support conveyor on the moving head keeps the material being worked in balance
  • Ease of use with ergonomic design
  • Automatically closing protective covers increase occupational and worker safety
  • Horizontal and vertical pneumatic compression pistons fix the profile optimally
  • Cooling system for aluminum profile cutting
  • Hydro-pneumatic system for aluminum profile cutting.


  • The movement of the heads around the axle is provided by servo control.
  • The external angles that can be achieved for machines equipped with 550 mm diameter blades are from 90° to 45°
  • Intermediate angles are servo controled
  • Manufactured in CE norms


  • The industrial label printer allows to recognize each cut profile according to its characteristics
    found in the cutting list.
  • In addition, writing code on them makes it extremely convenient to easily find the order ID of each profile and especially for subsequent transactions.


  • Pneumatic intermediate support turns out to be extremely useful when a light and longer than normal profile is to be cut.
  • In such a situation, pneumatic support automatically creates the ideal situation required to hold the profile.