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Multi Head V Type Welding Machine

FW 200

Multi Head V Type Welding Machine

Multi Head V Type Welding Machine

Intel Makina’s Four Head V Type Welding Machines are the only machines in this regard due to their durability and reliability features. It is ideal for Welding PVC profiles of different thicknesses and angles.These latest generation machines make a significant contribution to the production line phases thanks to their extremely clear and easy use in the cutting process.


  • PC controlled (PID) heat control system to sustain strong welding results in compliance with international standards
  • Rigid linear guideway systems to restrict the stretching and gaps
  • Heating temperature, melting and welding times can be adjusted individually for every profile type
  • Profile selecting system with revolver for 8 different sizes
  • Multi head welding system which can work independently from each other
  • Each head can be controlled separately for transom or 90° welding
  • Welding moulds can be changed easily and fast
  • Foldable and height adjustable profile support system.
  • Ability to weld PVC profiles in “H” and “T” shape at 90°.



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  • Automatic transom alignment system.
  • Multi head welding machine with 3, 4 or 5 heads options.

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