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uPVC Profile CNC Corner Cleaning Machine

CNC PVC Profile Corner Cleaning Machine

Designed to clean the corners of PVC profiles from welding seals. Intel Makina’s CNC PVC Profile Corner Cleaning Machine are the only machines in this regard due to their durability and reliability features. It is ideal for corner cleaning PVC profiles of different thicknesses. These latest generation machines make a significant contribution to the production line phases thanks to their extremely clear and easy use in the cleaning process. All Cleaning operations on PVC profiles are gathered in one machine controlled by a computer.




  • High speed precision control system with 2-axis servo motors.
  • High performance industrial PC with 21,5” touch screen, equipped with Windows XP embedded operating system.
  • Easy programming from DXF
  • Ability to define and recognize different
    profile heights.
  • Surface cleaning tool selection feature
    according to colored or white profiles.
  • Allow remote connection and control
    access via network connection.
  • Industrial PC based control panel unit
  • Easy file transfer with USB
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • It has the ability to define and process files in dxf and dwg formats created in cad programs with windows-based PC operating system.
  • Maximum 200 mm. minimum 40 mm profile processing range.
  • Ability to operate with 11 tools.


There is no information about standard equipment. Please contact us for your requests.


  • Optionally, it can be connected to
    a 2-axis robotic turning station and
    can be adapted to a 4-corner
    welding machine.