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Template Copy Router Machine

PD 100

Template Copy Router Machine

Template Copy Router Machine

It is designed to operate quickly and precisely lock’s holes on aluminum and PVC profiles, without releasing the workpiece in one cycle . It is also used for the drilling handles, hinges, espagnolette holes and opening water drain slot on PVC and aluminum profiles.

It has 1 vertical and 2 horizontal copy milling machine motor units (3 x 1.1 kW, 12,000RPM)
All 3 sides of the profile can be processed quickly and precisely without turning it.
It has 4 pneumatic clamps, 2 of them vertical and 2 of them horizontal
The horizontal and vertical template tracking pins are pneumatic and have 3 different diameters: Ø 5, Ø8 and Ø10
Vertical and horizontal templates including standard vertically and horizontally positioned features
Ergonomic arm design, high-sensitivity damping system for easy operations and gas shock absorbers.
Conveyor tray left and right
It has a ruler on the left and right conveyor belt, and an anchoring system that can be configured manually
Equipment cooling system via spray
Press First starting at 2 bar then up to 6 Bar


  • Equipped with Ø 5mm, Ø 8mm and Ø 10mm cutter bits
  •  Air gun
  •  2 x profile stops both left and right
  •  Spray tool lubrication system
  •  2x horizontal clamps
  •  2x vertical clamps


  • Spare cutter bits with Ø5xL100 mm (for copy routing operations)
  • Spare cutter bits with Ø10xL100 mm (for copy routing operations)
  •  Spare collets for Ø5 mm of cutter bit
  •  Spare collets for Ø10 mm of cutter bit
  •  Special templates

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