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uPvc Four Corner Welding Machine

CW 400

uPvc Four Corner Welding Machine

Pvc Four Corner Welding Machine

It welds the four corners of PVC Profiles at 90° angle at the same time and with high precision. In automatic generation mode, the window works in accordance with the data received from the drawing program. It has a computer-controlled (PID) heat control system in order to obtain welding strength within the standards.For each profile type, there is a separately definable temperature, melting and bonding time. It distributes the heat homogeneously to the long-lasting heating plate system, with its unique design, without being affected by the working environment. The preheated welding blades ensure good welding even in cold weather conditions. Welding molds can be changed quickly and easily. Axes are servo motor controlled.




  • 90° welding of PVC Profiles with high precision on all four corners at the same time
  • All axes of our machine move with Servo motor system (3 Servo motors)
  • 0.2 and 2 mm. Internally designed construction that enables automatic welding range selection
  • Strong Body
  • High performance industrial PC with 21” touch screen, equipped with Windows XP embedded operating system
  • Ability to transfer data via wireless network connection, wired network connection or USB
  • Ability to create a knowledge base from individual source parameters for all profiles in the enterprise
  • Temperature, melting and joining time that can be defined separately for each profile
  • Depending on the torque values of the servo motors, melting long dimensions up to 2 mm and bringing them to the desired size
  • Fast and easy Teflon replacement with
    the coiled Teflon changing system.
  • Welding die system that can be
    changed quickly and easily.


  • Working effectively under appropriate
    pressure with pressure control system.
    It can weld with the same precision on colored profiles as it is on white profiles.
  • Maintenance time is at minimum level with the lubrication system. Fully safe machine design with safety equipment in compliance with CE norms.
  • High stability and accuracy data transfer by connecting CNC Corner Cleaning Machine with industrial Ethernet connection method.
  • Being able to see all error messages and system status on the screen with the HMI program.
  • Providing service with remote connection method and problem detection and solution by connecting to the entire automation system.
  • Barcode Scanner is offered as standard.

There is no information about standard equipment. Please contact us for your requests.


  • Gasket Pressure System
  • Welding patterns