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uPvc Profile Machining and Cutting Center

Pvc Profile Machining and Cutting Center CASTOR FA 6500

Intel Makina’s Pvc Profile Machining and Cutting Center are the only machines in this regard due to their durability and reliability features. It is ideal for cutting aluminum and PVC profiles of different thicknesses and angles. These latest generation machines make a significant contribution to the production line phases thanks to their extremely clear and easy use in the cutting process. CASTOR FA 6500 all sawing, milling, drilling and marking operations on PVC profiles are gathered in one machine controlled by a computer.


Automatic cutting in all angles between 30°and 150° with accuracy of 0,1° by means of servo motors
Stacking of 9 profiles (max 7 m length)
Industrial PC with Windows XP embedded which works between 0°C – 55°C without fan 21,5 “
Data transfer is available via network and connection or USB interface
Thanks to its easy-to-use and flexible operating system, all works in harmony with chopping and optimization programs.
There is a working algorithm in accordance with the principle of minimum waste and maximum production.
Waste can be automatically optimized and evaluated within the cut lists sent.

Processing system with 8 Motor
Parameters can be adjusted easily.
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9 Profiles can be loaded on the input conveyor.
Profile loading capacity can be increased optionally
Profile transport and positioning, automatic profile recognition feature.
Minimum 900 mm., Maximum 7000 mm. It measures the profile length automatically. (There is an infinite length processing option)
There is a warning system that prevents the wrong profile.
Ability to back-up daily data on internal storage unit
Central lubrication system to ease the machine maintenance
Problem identification, solution and servicing by means of remote connections
Ability to notify the user against incorrect loaded profile thanks to profile recognition system


Profil Exit pneumatic system with automatically transfers onto the table
If desired, a label from the barcode printer for each finished piece by taking the printout,
convenience can be provided for production organization


The industrial label printer allows to recognize each cut profile according to its characteristics found in the
cutting list.
In addition, writing code on them makes it extremely convenient to easily find the order ID of each profile and
especially for subsequent transactions.


Chip Conveyor

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